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The proposal content should be related to seven major projects of oil and gas exploration and development, such as Geophysical and geological engineering, oil and gas reservoir engineering, drilling engineering, production engineering, storage and transportation and pipeline engineering, safety and health and environmental engineering, economic and Management Engineering. Technical research papers which can be used to solve the problems of geology, mechanics, mathematics, materials, automation, computer, environment, machinery, chemistry and management in the oil and gas exploration and development.

1.Refining and Chemical Engineering
Oil Production TechnologiesProduction technologies of clean gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, lubricating oil and pitch, etc., including technology in reducing olefins of FCC gasoline, gasoline refining technology, diesel hydrofining technology , and other advanced technologies.
Refining Technologies: Oil-gas-water separation technology, Vacuum flash evaporation, Heavy oil upgrading technology, Inferior crude oil (high-sulfur, peracid, high heavy metal, etc.) upgrading technology, Desulfurization process of liquefied petroleum gas, Integration of petroleum refining and petrochemical, fuel transportation by natural gas, Petrochemical material technology, Refining optimization technology, Optimization and energy saving technology of refinery steam system, and other advanced technologies.
Chemical Industry TechnologiesAdvanced technologies in the field of petrochemical engineering, natural gas chemical industry, coal chemical industry and fine chemical industry, including aromatic production technology, complete caprolactam production technology, highly nitrided natural gas liquefied technique, syngas production and production technology of syngas chemical, new pyrolytic technique of low-rank coal, new technology of coal hydrogenation, efficient and clean conversion technology of coal, sodium sulfite synthetizing resin process of high-molecular-weight polyphenylene sulfide, chemical new material, output ratio increasing of fine chemicals and other advanced technologies.

2. Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Technology
Oil& Gas Exploration and Development:New technology for oil & gas exploration of offshore, deep sea and ultra-deep sea, Geophysical exploration of deep/ultra-deep oil and gas, Unconventional oil and gas exploration, and other new technologies.
Drilling Engineering Technologies: Drilling technology for petroleum, gas and coalbed methane, including drilling technology at shallow sea deep sea, deep well and ultra-deep well, deep-water drilling riser system and deep-sea drilling underwater leakage emergency system and other advanced technologies, drilling technology for horizontal and multiple branching well, unbalanced drilling technology, highly-deviated well drilling technology, new water-based drilling fluid technology with high performance and environmental protection, and other advanced technologies.
Well Completion Engineering: Multistage pulse perforating fracturing compound technology, Hydraulic deep penetration horizontal hole technology, Acid fracturing technology, penetrating fluid technology, Fracturing support material, fracturing fluid technology, Sand control and completion technology by gravel packing in horizontal wells, sand control completion technology, Completion fluid technology and other advanced technology.
Oil Production Engineering:Separate injection production technology, Thermal Recovery Technology of heavy crude, Polymer flooding technology, Ternary compound oil displacement technology, Carbon dioxide flooding technology, Foaming gel profile control technology, Profile control technology of oily sludge, Microbial oil recovery technology, Nanometer intelligent oil displacement technology, Anti fouling and cleaning of stratum, Microbial wax prevention technology, Artificial lift technology of sucker rod pump, electric submersible pump and progressive cavity pump, Continuous string coiled tubing operation technology, Technology of sucker rod welding joint, Horizontal well production and other advanced technology
Gas Production Engineering:Foam drainage gas recovery technology, Technology of plunger drainage gas recovery, Coalbed methane exploitation, Advanced technology of natural gas boosting mining technology
Oilfield Chemistry:New high temperature clean fracturing fluid, oil displacement agent of tertiary oil recovery, High temperature fracturing fluid, High density agents for oil well cement, water block remover for oil production, De-emulsification chemical, Pumping well chemical cleaning and preventing wax, Air foam oil displacement system agent, Oilfield water reinjection bactericidal agent, Anti-corrosive agent of oilfield, water disposal agent of oilfield, Drilling equipment cleaning technology, Advanced technology of oilfield chemical detection and analysis instrument

3. Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation, Pipeline Monitoring and Management
Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation: Crude oil & natural gas storage and transportation, Product storage and transportation, Liquefied natural gas storage and transportation, Gathering process and pipeline technology of coal-bed methane, Nature gas integration integrated setup and condition monitoring technology for natural gas compressors, Variable frequency oil transportation control technology, LNG, CNG, Underground gas storage and supporting facilities integrity management and other advanced technology.
Pipeline Monitoring: Oil-gas-water pipeline flow guarantee technology, pipeline leak detection and locating system and alarm positioning device, Ultrasonic testing technology, Pipeline corrosion monitoring and protection, Oil gathering equipment digital perception system and online monitoring technology, Precise location of leakage point in urban underground and other advanced technology.
Pipeline Management: Integrity management of pipeline system, Underground pipeline and Pipeline marking, tracking and detecting technology, Simulation of oil and gas Pipeline network, Pigging cycle prediction of surface oil gathering pipeline, Natural gas gathering and transporting pressure vessel management, Pipeline trenchless, Patrol and protection technology of crude oil Piping risk assessment, Analysis and control technology of oil and gas pipeline vitiation, Piping safety early warning technology, Pipeline plotting and other advanced technology.
Fluid Analysis and Measurement Technology: Three-phase separator equipment and online measurement of oil and gas, Mass flow meter Technology, Oil & gas storage and transportation sales measurement system, Online natural gas hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide chromatographic analyzer, ICP emission spectrograph, Fluid monitoring and fluid viscosity and composition in pipeline and other advanced analysis technique.
Corrosion Control Technology:Hypersalinity, Internal corrosion control technology in sour gas field, corrosion preventive paint and coating technology, Cathodic protection technology of pipeline and station, Cathodic potential protection technology of tank bottom, Corrosion monitoring and evaluation technology, Internal corrosion control technology of acid gas, Development of surface pipeline and equipment anticorrosion by injecting carbon dioxide in oilfield, Polyphasic flow oil gathering and delivering anti-corrosion technology of pipeline, Pipeline material technology and advanced pipeline metal material protection technology

4.Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment
Offshore Oil Production Equipment: Christmas tree, Underwater oil storage system, Underwater separation processing system, Underwater anti-corrosion technology, and floating drilling platform, etc.
Drilling and Completion Equipment Screw drill of uniform-thickness, Oil-mud separator of unbalanced drilling, Air drilling equipment, Hydraulic vibration drilling machine, External casing open hole packer, Folding continuous casing, etc.
Refining and Chemical Industry Equipment: Research and development of accessory equipment closely related to atmosphere-vacuum distillation, catalytic cracking, catalytic reforming, hydrofining, delayed coking and refining-chemical equipment, including refining equipment of high acid crude oil with anti-corrosion design, high pressure hydrogenation heat exchanger of screw locking ring, large-scale semi-coke drier, closed straight screw system manufacturing process of large-scale ti-steel combined plate columns, etc.

5. Intelligent Oil & Gas Field and Smart Factory
Digitization of Oil & Gas Exploitation: Intelligent navigation drilling, Intelligent well completion, Virtual reality of intelligent well and oil field, Automatic data acquisition technology of the equipment of geophysical prospecting, well logging, logging, well testing, Intelligent well group digital pumping unit system, Digital thermal washing wax and automatic chemical feed device, Digital foam drainage gas recovery and downhole throttle automatic control system, Condition monitoring technology of the device of pumping unit, water injection pump, natural gas compressor group, Remote wireless intelligent layered water injection system and other advanced information technology.
Digitization of Surface Gathering: Industrial control system of oil and gas gathering and transportation process and information security analysis technology, Geographic information system of pipeline and piping and pipeline GPS patrol & inspection management system, Supervisory control and data acquisition system of energy pipe network, Digital variable frequency oil control system, Digital pipeline detection, Station control system of oil and gas field gathering station, electronic patrol system, security system, Crude storage automatic detection technology, Water injection Pump Station Wireless Measurement and Control Technology, Gas station video monitoring technology, Optical cable online monitoring system, Equipment fault comprehensive diagnosis technology, Digital measurement technology, automatic tuning parameter optimization, intelligent detection alarm technology and digital perception system.
Intelligent Field Integrated Management: Real-time data acquisition technology for oil and gas field exploration and development, Building intelligent and digital oil field data, internet of things, cloud computing and other advanced information, Standard of digital oilfields, Standard of intelligent data and application systems, Remote monitoring and control, remote operations, production monitoring and optimization, Digital technology for energy efficiency monitoring, water vapor analysis, equipment operation status monitoring and quality supervision and inspection, Oil and Gas production enterprise industrial control system and information security analysis and other advanced technology.
Digital Factory Management:Refinery Intelligentization, On - line optimization of product oil, Chemical process simulation, Automatic diagnosis of chemical process, Advanced control and optimization technology of ethylene plant, Dynamic scheduling and advanced process control and optimization in petroleum refining process, Refinery gas detection and alarm on fuels tank farm and other advanced technology.

6. Production & Operation Management
Production & Operation Management in Oilfield: production scheduling management of downhole operation controlled by node, Safety management of downhole operation, Early warning of oil & gas production, equipment management of exploration and development, Vehicle monitoring of oilfield operation, and other managements.
Refinery Production and Operation Management: Operation, storage and management of refining-chemical management, Application of MSE management system in refinery, Operation and management of refining-chemical electrical equipment, Management and application of instrument control system, Safe operation management of high-risk pump, and other advanced managements.
System of HSE Management: Application of HSE Management in petroleum industry, including HSE hazard identification and risk assessment in drilling well engineering, HSE management of gathering station, HSE management of oil & gas laboratory, HSE management of international project, etc.

7. Environmental Monitoring and Management
Environmental Monitoring Technology: Sampling of gas and water pollution, Monitoring instrumentation equipment, Standard substances, chemical reagents and glassware used in monitoring and analysis, Security environment information processing and transmission technology, Radioactive, noise, vibration, light, thermal determinator and continuous automatic monitoring system, Environmental protection online monitoring equipment and other advanced technology.
Environmental Harness: Purification technology of oilfield wastewater, Separation technology of high performance non-metal membrane for wastewater reclamation and reuse, Oil and gas field wastewater treatment and recycling technology, Treatment technology of waste drilling fluid and drilling waste, Harmless treatment technology of petroleum wellsite waste fluids. Waster gas emission reduction and cleaner production of petroleum industry, Oil and gas emission control and efficient management, Oily sludge treatment and microbiological treatment of oily sludge, Conversion laws of chemical and radioactive toxic persistent pollutants in oil and coal fields, Migration and transformation of pollutants in multimedia and multi interface, Treatments of three typical wastes in refining-chemical industry, Advanced treatment technology of hardly-degradable industrial wastewater, Comprehensive treatment of waste gas of catalyst factory, and other advanced technologies.
Environmental Management Technology: Environmental impact assessment of oil and gas exploration and development projects, Environmental impact assessment of pipeline construction and gas station, Environmental safety emergency monitoring and early-warning management system, Emergency response plan system for gas safety accident, Safety and environment protection risk assessment and technical specifications.


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