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Sponsorship support helps offset the cost of producing conference and allows organizer to keep the fee as low as possible for the target audience.
Sponsors benefit both directly and indirectly by having their names associated with a specific conference. While organizer prohibits any type of commercialism within the conference hall itself.


Sponsorship Categories


Sponsorship are offered on a first come basis. Please contact organizer to verify the availability of a particular sponsorship.
• Principal Sponsors
• Welcome Reception Dinner–and Chinese art performance Per Day
• Topical Lunch – Per Day
• Technical Innovation Awards
• Coffee Break – Per Day


Sponsorship Benefits


Sponsors will be recognized on the conference website: www.ipptc.org as well as petroleum.cn, in all printed material for the conference and on site. Each sponsor will also receive the attendee list.
For a detailed list of available sponsorship, including benefits and pricing, please contact:paper@ipptc.org.

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