IPPTC 2019 Advanced Training Course Calls for Students

Course Name:

Digital Signal Analysis and Deconvolution in Seismic Data Processing


Course Duration:

2 days, 25-26 March, 2019.


Training Instructor:

Osman M. Hassan, who has been involved in geophysical education, training, research and production for the past twenty or more years and currently working as a Sr. Geophysicist at ION E&P Advisory Group. Houston, Texas. He is an active member of the SEG, AAPG, EAGE and GSH.


Participants Outcomes:

• Will be able to understand the objective of seismic data acquisition (land and marine)

• Clearly understand the different source wavelets (signatures); the composite seismic wavelet and their manipulation and handling in the field and during processing stage.

• Easley interpret signals in time and in frequency domain.

• Calculate with confidence the convolution, correlation and auto correlation of a signal.

• Select and understand the deconvolution process and the optimum parameters for application.

• Design and select optimum filters parameters.

• Understand the seismic vibrator signal and its reduction in time and frequency domain.

• Comprehend the need for broadband seismic data and the recent advances in order to increase the seismic resolution and its befits for interpretation and inversion.


Registration Deadline: 31 December, 2018

For more information about the training course, please contact us at paper@ipptc.org.

If you are interested in participating in the advanced training course, please fill out the registration form and send it back to paper@ipptc.org.